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Feb 18/19 - Weekend Workouts!

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Hey gang!
Yo - glad doctor is in watch and see mode (same as me) - sometimes docs jump the gun just because you might be in that "gray" area. Good for you listening to your body and taking a day (or two?) off!

Geo - enjoy the weekend away!

Nothing much here. Did a short run yesterday and this weekend is being spent at the house getting stuff put away.

DD tripped and fell while running October. she still can't run...even in the yard with the pup gives her pain. Not how an active 23 year old wants to be.
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Well I had a quiet week recovering while SO and friend were away getting the big tracked machine. They got stuck in Cheyene for days due to I 80/weather closing. Finally got back late Thursday but couldn't' get the trailer in the driveway. The whole valley watched over the next 24 hours as we finally worked it out (the truck blew a fuse so wasn't' shifting right and I got involved after the 2 of them got too frustrated). A neighbor finally came to help, he drives log trucks/owns a sawmill and so backing up a broken truck with a huge trailer and then driving a bit of an obstacle course was just another day in the life for him!

Other than short maintenance walks no actual workouts over the weekend well there was also the yoga wall class but that's it. I've coughed so hard now my back hurts too :(

Yo and Zoj I am going to climb on my soap box here for a minute because i don't want to lose any more friends: I have issues with doctors deciding that since we are athletes and don't eat junk the grey areas are "ok" on our test, its also since we are women. They are told to push lifestyle interventions and when that doesn't apply they just drop the concerns yet the issue remains and those of us with hereditary metabolic issues might benefit from more active interventions. I've observed this from athlete friends gone too soon, from my family who are in the same situation, but my parents and aunts are now suffering from problems that could have been headed off but weren't because they were clean eating athletes and mostly females. Since we do everything to live healthy and long we need to recruit our doctors to support this. First with deeper testing-Yo did they consider a glucose challenge test? Calcium test for heart things, have either of you ever had a ekg/stress test or routine ekgs? I heard excuses when I started asking but then they reluctantly did that and genetics testing (hereditary dyslipidemia which increases heart disease risk and makes the "grey are" actually red). So I'd urge you to push a little more if you are grey area or slightly high consistently on metabolic markers the damage creeps up over time. The other random thing I'll throw in, well two things actually one is that for me and a few other women I share stuff with, heavy weight training seems to have more impact on the lack on insulin sensitivity (higher glucose scores) And lipids than any other exercise 9and there's jut the start of scientific studies to support this) and that HRT (hormones) seem to have a large impact on both of these and on muscle gain/retention at our age. I was surprised to have both the cardiologist and the gyn/onc lecture me on how important HRT was to health in a woman's 70's on up. The gynecologist oncologist wanted to rx the stuff the cardiologist wanted me to discuss it with an expert and consider it. So if you are interested I'd recommend doing a little more research on this.
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