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FatAss Run in Umstead in July

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This is most likely for the NC based runners, and you may have already heard of it, but I just found out! <b><br><br>
Sweaty Butt 50K FatAss Run<br>
July 5th, 2008<br>
Umstead Park, Raleigh, NC</b><br><br>
3 laps of ~10.8 miles each, 99% single track, self provided aid at the start and ~midway of each lap. No fee, etc. Limited to 30 runners, and 17 have already registered.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
And for kicks, I should point out it is a part of the 2008 TriASSthlon...two 50K and a 'clothing optional 5K' in the hottest part of the year! (read about it here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> )
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If it weren't so HOT in July, I would consider it. My parental units live about 10 minutes from Umstead Park. I should visit them.<br><br>
I wonder if there is a clothing optional 5k here in Colorado. I probably wouldn't show up. I don't mind the public viewing of my A but I do like have the Ts strapped down. <img alt="surprised.gif" src="">
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