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What does family mean to you? Do you only have one family, or many? What does it take to be considered “family?” Is it blood? Familial relation? Kinship? Or a special bond? None or all of the above?<br><br>
That is a question who’s answer will be unique to each one of us. I’d like to share with you what Family means to me.<br><br>
Let me start by saying that I have more than one family. I have my parents, brother and children. My immediate and traditional family. They are my blood and they are my life. I think we can all relate to this one.<br><br>
I also have my hash family. We are not blood. We did not go to the same schools, grow up together, or even go to the same church. Our political views are as varied as the colors of a spectrum, but, our bond is true and our bond is strong. We disagree and fight over various topics, but, at the end of the day, we sit back, sing a song, drink a beer and laugh together. Because being together is what makes us whole.<br><br>
I have my Football Family. These are the parents who I spend a great deal of time with. Well, more than that. Almost all of my time outside of work. I entrust my children to these people, knowing that they love and care for my children as if they are their own children during the time they spend with the kids. These people know inherently when I am down, and pick me up. They have cheered my journey back to health and pumped me full of pride at personal achievements. They have had my back, no questions asked in times of adversity. We also disagree on many things and sometimes disagreements can be heated, but when it comes right down to it, any one of us would go to bat for the other… no questions asked.<br><br>
I have examples of more Families to which I belong, but you see what I mean. I think we all have these sorts of non-blood families. Many times, we have more in common with our external families than our blood families.<br><br>
Rich has said many, many times that here at Kickrunners we have a community. Now, it will come as no surprise to anyone that I disagree with Rich. We are not a community. We are a family. I know this to be an absolute truth. You know how? We fight and bitch and moan like family. We push each other’s buttons for our own selfish reasons… like family. We say (internally or externally) “I hate you” just like I told my brother when I was 7. We are also happy for each other’s successes, encouraging to each other’s journeys, joyful at each other’s life experiences. These emotions… all of them… are the elements of what makes a family to me. I’d imagine that for many of you, I’m not too far off the mark. And I know that all of us would do anything for our family.<br><br>
Well, one of our family needs us now. You are probably all aware of the situation Chele is enduring right now related to the passing of Seabee. I want each of you to think of your life. Think of your blood family; your spouse, your kids. Imagine losing them. Imagine that pain. I cannot fully imagine and I can barely stand to think of it. Now, imagine stress and fear in addition to that pain. Stress and fear of the future. Stress from life’s demands. The nagging “how do I do this?” It’s almost too much to imagine. For me it really is.<br>
Without divulging too much about Chele personally, as I have not asked permission to share even this. I want everyone to know that she is 6 weeks from finishing her college degree. SO CLOSE! There were and are financial issues, like many people in this rough economic time. And there is the fear related to those issues. Chele does not currently work. Seabee was taking care of the finances so that Chele could concentrate on school. 6 weeks!!<br><br>
We have an opportunity, as a family, to really make a difference for the positive in the life of one of our own. Chele would never ask any of us for money, so as her family, I’m asking for her. If there is anything that you can do… all of you… please help our “sister.” I know that times are horrible economically, and many of you may be in dire financial straits as well; but, if there is any possible way to help, be it $5, $10 or any other amount, please consider doing so. Chele has already gone through so much and she’s being strong (stronger than I could be), but God has put the weight of the world on her shoulders. Let’s, her family, see if we can help lighten that load, at least for the next 6 weeks so that she has a fighting chance to get on her feet and move forward with her life.<br><br>
If you are willing and able, there is a PayPal link in the PRT. If you cannot find it, message any of us signed to this message and we’ll help you find it. Also, Rich has indicated that he is willing to upgrade your user account for free for stepping up and helping out. (Thank you, Rich, that’s a wonderful gesture!) Again, please consider this. Consider if this were your Mom, your Daughter or your Sister. And ask yourself… What does family REALLY mean to me?<br><br>
Thank You and God Bless,<br><br>
Jenna Chuck (APRR)<br>
Kevin (EQ) Rich<br>
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<p>You said this so eloquently Jen. It makes me stop and pause to think about all the 'families' I have and how fortunate we can be to have many in times like this.</p>
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<p>Thanks for posting</p>
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