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Fall marathon recommendations?

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I'm starting to think and look on about fall marathons. My preferences are flat (I like hills but there are no hills to train on where I live), not huge in terms of field, fast BQ-friendly course, and as easy and inexpensive as possible to travel to.<br><br>
Right now I'm considering:
<ul><li>Self-Transcendence (Nyack NY) 8/24 -- the flat loop course actually appeals to me and so does the race "philosophy," but that's the week classes start and it's on a Friday, so I'd be traveling Thursday and miss work. Also a long drive.</li>
<li>Baltimore 10/13 -- looks hilly though</li>
<li>Marine Corps 10/28 -- done this one. not crazy about the huge field or last 6 miles of the course.</li>
<li>Marshall University 11/4 -- flat flat flat but a long drive to Huntington WV</li>
<li>Richmond 11/10 -- also looks to have some hills but right now I'm leaning toward it. Close in location and looks very well-organized.</li>
<li>Philly 11/18 -- didn't love the course or organization, but I love the city of Philly and did well in last year's race.</li>
<li>Kiawah Island SC 12/8 -- has been recommended by a few people except there are few spectators. I don't think this would bother me as I pretty much ignore spectators unless they are someone I know.</li>
I'd welcome any experience people have had with these, and other suggestions!
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Run Baltimore! It's really a pretty good race. Not a super-huge field, pretty good atmosphere, and the sponsorship gets better each year. The hills aren't that bad at all. There was one that was a bit of an challenge, but I still managed to run the entire thing. Most of the hills are long, rolling hills.<br><br>
I've def. got it on the radar again, and I think the Turtley One may be running it as well.<br><br>
Oh, and don't forget about the TeamSlug50K on 9/29!! You'd really enjoy yourself.
Meri's dead on! Don't fret the hills at all. I live in a VERY flat area as well. On my typical 24 mile long run, I would bet I don't have 100 feet of elevation change.<br>
And there was the dude (can't remember his name) who was the first non-Californian to win Western States--he was from Annapolis, and definitely not used to terrain like that.
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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