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Fall marathon recommendations?

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I'm starting to think and look on about fall marathons. My preferences are flat (I like hills but there are no hills to train on where I live), not huge in terms of field, fast BQ-friendly course, and as easy and inexpensive as possible to travel to.<br><br>
Right now I'm considering:
<ul><li>Self-Transcendence (Nyack NY) 8/24 -- the flat loop course actually appeals to me and so does the race "philosophy," but that's the week classes start and it's on a Friday, so I'd be traveling Thursday and miss work. Also a long drive.</li>
<li>Baltimore 10/13 -- looks hilly though</li>
<li>Marine Corps 10/28 -- done this one. not crazy about the huge field or last 6 miles of the course.</li>
<li>Marshall University 11/4 -- flat flat flat but a long drive to Huntington WV</li>
<li>Richmond 11/10 -- also looks to have some hills but right now I'm leaning toward it. Close in location and looks very well-organized.</li>
<li>Philly 11/18 -- didn't love the course or organization, but I love the city of Philly and did well in last year's race.</li>
<li>Kiawah Island SC 12/8 -- has been recommended by a few people except there are few spectators. I don't think this would bother me as I pretty much ignore spectators unless they are someone I know.</li>
I'd welcome any experience people have had with these, and other suggestions!
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I'm trying to find one around that time also. Some of the ones on your list I'm considering also. The other ones I'm thinking are Atlantic City (tiny) Steamtown and Hartford. I'm also hoping to BQ, or maybe I should say dreaming.... Any suggestions would be great. Has anyone actually run a marathon that has less then 100 people (like A/C)? What are the benefits/drawbacks? Thanks<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
My local group is pointing to Steamtown on 10/7. The attraction is the net downhill course and the prospect of a personal best. The 18-week plan we are drawing up starts June 3.<br><br>
I'm encouraging my friends to have a Plan B 4-6 weeks afterwards. Huntington and Philly are on the list for this purpose. I'm looking for other Plan B options.<br><br>
Good luck!
Steamtown looks like a great race, but I'm not sure I could properly prepare for the hills from where I am.<br><br>
kruss, I'll take a look at AC, too.
Come to RI.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
STEAMTOWN!!!!!!! I will probably be there too.<br>
It is hilly, but nothing a little focussed treadmill work could not handle.
How is a treadmill going to help me prepare for steep downhills?
oh, i guess you are right. It is really not that bad. I was thinking of the uphills. But then again, i have a different frame of reference.<br><br>
It really is not all that downhill. It is a myth. It is up and down! but net down.
You can prop up the back of the treadmil and put it inclined until it is flat and then work on downhill runs like you would train for uphills. Not really preparing for steep ones but will help strengthen your quads for general downhill running.<br><br>
been there, tried that.<img alt="sad2.gif" src=""> Put me into the group of people that believe that you just don't train for downhills by running downhill. You train by strengthening your quads and deal with the post-marathon ouch!!!<br><br><br>
SGH: I have not run any of your choices, but the word that I get would be Philly, 2nd choice Kiawah (easy, but boring course) I believe I remember a female acquaintance saying something about running around the island 2x. Need to book hotel room well in advance.
what about Harrisburg? I see that VT50 is the week prior to Steamtown, not sure if i can pull that off. I may do Harrisburg. Srlopez may be there.
Is Harrisburg hilly?<br><br>
fox-runr, in a way Philly makes sense since I know the course, but it was such a long trip and there were some organizational issues last year. Not sure I want to go back!
It says Harrisburg is mostly flat. If you run it i will go with you, it should fit in my schedule well. Philadelphia last year was a fluke, it was very well organized last year. If you want, i can bring you yummies after the race for you. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
I looked at Harrisburg and I'm not sure how the hills in the park late in the race and part-trail would be to my advantage (other than lovely course, but that is not my priority at this time).<br><br>
The search continues ...<br><br>
I will drive to Richmond in the next week or two and check out the course. The location and "feel" of the race really appeal to me. If the course is not to my liking, probably decide between Huntington, Philly, or Kiawah.<br><br>
I wish there were some hills around here!
Hi guys - Well, I'm coming over from Ireland to run Philly - So if that helps you decide to run elsewhere, instead of having to put up with meeting me - I understand <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
Run Baltimore! It's really a pretty good race. Not a super-huge field, pretty good atmosphere, and the sponsorship gets better each year. The hills aren't that bad at all. There was one that was a bit of an challenge, but I still managed to run the entire thing. Most of the hills are long, rolling hills.<br><br>
I've def. got it on the radar again, and I think the Turtley One may be running it as well.<br><br>
Oh, and don't forget about the TeamSlug50K on 9/29!! You'd really enjoy yourself.
Liam! I volunteer at Philly, so i will definitly be there.<br><br>
SGH, please do not be so afriad of hills. With all your biking and cross training, small hills should be no problem for you. I understand that you think flat is fastest, but i got my marathon PR at Pocono last year, which is by far the hilliest marathon i have ever seen! My body likes using different muscles over the course of races, instead of the same muscles on boring flat courses <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Or, Philly again. Always a good bet.
Meri's dead on! Don't fret the hills at all. I live in a VERY flat area as well. On my typical 24 mile long run, I would bet I don't have 100 feet of elevation change.<br>
And there was the dude (can't remember his name) who was the first non-Californian to win Western States--he was from Annapolis, and definitely not used to terrain like that.
I think training for Team Slug 50K will put me in fine shape for a great marathon performance in November-December. I have to see what my coach thinks though!<br><br>
Liam, that would definitely add to Philly's appeal! What I didn't like about it was the last lonely 10 miles of the course. If I had a buddy to run with at that point, I think it would be much more enjoyable.<br><br>
Again, I really like running hills, but want to prepare as well as possible to tackle them in a race.
New York is pretty good.
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