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Exerpt from "The Alcatraz Swimmers Manual"

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of course, I'm doing this instead of taking a test I need to take but I thought i would share<br><br>
"As a prudant man I will tell you that you should not even think about swimming from Alcatraz unless you are a strong swimmer. As a really prudent man I would tell you to look for another goal, regardless of your swimming ability. It really can be dangerous out there. That said; it is your decision about how to choose to risk your life."<br><br>
Bahahahhahah - BRING IT! <img alt="cool.gif" src="">
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Cool! I should be getting mine soon.
Sweet! Nothing like dumping 2000 athletes off a boat in 6 minutes.<br><br>
Ronbo: Have you spied on the pro participants yet? Some well known names there...Andy Potts, Samantha McGlone. I figure I'll see them coming into T2 as I leave T1. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Forgot to check the mail book was there.
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