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Everything you ever wanted to know about (insert any PRTer's name here)

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but were afraid to ask.<br><br>
Granted they may be afraid to answer but now is your chance to ask away.<br><br>
There has to be something you are wondering about or are curious about a fellow PRTer. Ask away.<br><br><br>
I'll start:<br><br>
High Heat - how did you get interested in photography? were you inspired by a particular photographer or a specific shot? Did anyone else in your family show an interest or practice photography?
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<b>Wyrillco</b> - where you are moving? same town, different 'hood?
<b>Tim</b> - how many ultras have you run?<br><br><b>DG</b> - do you have a Snickers everyday?
<b>Anty</b> - are you one of the dudes from Men in Black?
<b>Grizz</b> - I may have missed this but how did you come to be a Royals fan?
Awesome! Have you been to a game @Royals Stadium? The big wall o' water (fountain) is pretty cool.
Be sure to get yourself some good BBQ while visiting KC! My favorite is Gates. <img alt="hello2.gif" src=""><br><br>
I run in Central Park quite a bit but most of the time I can be found running the path along the Hudson (north up to the GW bridge & south to Battery Park). One of my most favorite routes has me along the Hudson River and then traversing Manhattan eastward and over the Brooklyn Bridge. There's not a whole lotta land here, you gotta include a river crossing to make it interesting <img alt="wink.gif" src="">
1 - 7 of 156 Posts
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