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Everything you ever wanted to know about (insert any PRTer's name here)

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but were afraid to ask.<br><br>
Granted they may be afraid to answer but now is your chance to ask away.<br><br>
There has to be something you are wondering about or are curious about a fellow PRTer. Ask away.<br><br><br>
I'll start:<br><br>
High Heat - how did you get interested in photography? were you inspired by a particular photographer or a specific shot? Did anyone else in your family show an interest or practice photography?
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<creeping meekly on-stage><br><br>
I don't recall exactly. I remember taking time to try to get good photos while on my 8th grade class trip to Washington, D.C. I remember my group of friends waiting for me to take some photos in Arlington Nat'l Cemetary, specifically... I don't know what sparked that interest, initially. But I remember my mom telling me that I took much better photos than she did, and she gave me the camera that she'd let me use on the trip (an old Kodak 110 for those of you who remember them <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">)<br><br>
Then after H.S. I didn't really do anything until about 5 or 6 years ago? I just did that for myself until family and friends started asking for me to make prints for them... eventually upgraded the equipment when I realized that I would do this for a hobby, and the rest is history...<br><br>
I don't believe there was a photo that inspired me. I remember my mom talking about wanting a 35mm camera, but I don't think she ever had one. And I don't recall seeing anything other than vacation photos from any friends or family before I got interested...<br><br>
So I guess in thinking back on it, it was that trip to D.C., and the encouragement I got afterwards, that did it....
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6' 3 1/4"<br><br>
I was a shade under 6'4" before I hurt my back.
why does it feel like this was asked to track my history in some master government database....
Can you hire people from other f*cking planets?
can they breathe the air down here?<br><br>
your curious cuz,<br>
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