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Everything you ever wanted to know about (insert any PRTer's name here)

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but were afraid to ask.<br><br>
Granted they may be afraid to answer but now is your chance to ask away.<br><br>
There has to be something you are wondering about or are curious about a fellow PRTer. Ask away.<br><br><br>
I'll start:<br><br>
High Heat - how did you get interested in photography? were you inspired by a particular photographer or a specific shot? Did anyone else in your family show an interest or practice photography?
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Gomie---- were you picked on in middle school? <img alt="tongue3.gif" src=""><br><br>
swirlie, swirlie, swirleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I didn't know ASG was in the NAVY! I want to be a Navy Seal so bad!!! They don't let women do it though. <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
I hope I can be like you and just follow the dream, whatever the hell it might be at the moment.
um.... well, I played every sport practically at my highschool as well as went to a diving (like diving board) coach in the evening, and played on a competitive travel soccer team. It was always a joke at my highschool about all my sports. The anorexia hit me really hard after my foot surgery and I got very very sick because I was afraid to eat when I couldn't exercise---(there were already some issues, but this made em worse)-- three months after the surgery to remove my toe joints, I played soccer on a team in sweden (against doctors orders <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> ). It was amazing. When my foot healed completely (which took over a year because I was a moron) I had lost a lot of mobility in my leg, my liver was failing, and I was having some heart issues, etc. I played one more season because I had gotten on the team my first year of college.... Needless to say I sucked at this point. I had lost a lot due to the anorexia and my leg was in constant pain. The coach would not allow me to play after that season ( I've never told anyone that...not even my parents or Snooze). I was devastated but it was the push I needed to get healthy again. It was a 4 year process that reulted in my visiting the depths of hell a couple of times, running off to vegas, doing stupid shit. Once I was healthy I had a passion for nutrition but my leg was still wrecked. I started researching and learning and now have full range of motion in my leg again as well as zero pain (which used to be daily in the range of 8 or 9 on a scale of 10). After that, I just wanted to fix people. I feel good about myself now, and that;'s amazing. So whether people want to get skinny or get fatter or get faster or get stronger, I just want people to know that feeling of digging out of whatever hole they are in.... that is the feeling that will carry you a lifetime. and that's the short version <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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I would like to know what made Muzicgirl have her Aha moment and start the weightloss.
That's cool... so it was just like a really slow process and you actually just fell in love with exercise, the weightloss was anafterthought! That's great! And what is the latest on the knee?
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