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Well this was a last minute race decision for me. I figured out on Thursday that I could run the race so I decided to do it. Of course I was not smart and I spent Saturday night down the street with some neighbors drinking beers and watching Florida lose to Georgia while the kids are running all over.<br><br>
I got to the cemetary 2 hours early. Ooops, I normally try and get to a race 90 minutes before hand so it wasn't that big of a deal. lLckily it was open so I just parked and relaxed in my truck. Finally at about 6:30 the registration tent was open so I registered, got my chip and went back to my truck to relax some more.<br><br>
At about 7:15 I tried to make sure I wouldn't have any problems with nature calling in the middle of the race. I got that done and I started to jog lightly and walk around. Only 1 guy I know was running and I didn't see him until we were out on the course so I just tried to relax. The temperature was in the low 70's over cast, with a light breeze but slightly humid. MUCH better than the Marine Corps Half I ran a couple of weeks ago. I set my garmin to show me a 9 minute pace since I was still tired and maybe a little hungover from the beers the night before.<br><br>
I deliberately put myself way in the back to fight that initial surge that seems to suck me into a pace that I can't sustain. The cannon goes off, the people around me jump and we start the walk to the finish line. After crossing the mat, I slowly pick my way through the crowds trying to find a good solid comfortable pace, not worrying about who am I passing and who is passing me. This race has a 10K that runs at the same time so for the first 3 miles everyone is all mixed in.<br><br>
I get through the first couple of miles and I feel good. I have been taking my splits at each mile but I am not really looking at them. I am just trying to go on how I feel and try and keep that constant steady pace.<br><br>
After I make the turn to break away from the 5K people I settle in and "enjoy" the scenery. I am slowly passing people but I am not concerned about who I pass and who passes me. i am out for an expensive training run is all I try and tell myself. We finish the first loop and I still feel really good and I have about 4 miles to go.<br><br>
I have started to notice that I Think my splits are all about even. I don't worry about it and I just keep running feeling good and staying relaxed. I pass through miles 7 and 8 and I still feel good so I try and pick up the pace a little. I pass through mile 9 and I am still feeling strong. Somewheere along mile 9 My garmin beeps at me telling me that I am done with my 10 mile run. The course says otherwise so I keep on running. A guy passes me, I pick it up a little just to maintain the gap he builds on me. I am not ready for a kick yet. We make the final turns and I actually feel like I have a kick so in the final 100 meters or so I pick it up and I catch the guy that had caught me earlier right before the chute.<br><br>
Today was a nice solid run. The weather was a huge help and I guess since I went in with such low expectations after popping the top off of a few to many beers last night that was a benefit also. Time to start turning up the heat on my marathon training.<br><br>
I didn't wait around for the age group awards since I am never fast enough for those. Once the placings are posted I will add them to this.<br><br>
Here is the short version.<br>
Gun to start mat: 49 seconds<br>
Mile 1: 1.06 in 8:46 (8:17 pace)<br>
Mile 2: .98 in 8:17 (8:26 pace)<br>
Mile 3: 1.05 in 8:20 (7:56 pace)<br>
Mile 4: 1.01 on 8:23 (8:19 pace)<br>
Mile 5: 1.04 in 8:26 (8:06 pace)<br>
Mile 6: 1.02 in 8:24 (8:13 pace)<br>
Mile 7: 1.04 in 8:16 (7:56 pace)<br>
Mile 8: 1.03 in 8:25 (8:09 pace)<br>
Mile 9: 1.10 in 8:20 (7:34 pace)<br>
Mile 10: 1.02 in 7:39 (7:30 pace)<br>
Total: 10.37 in 1:24:11 (8:06 pace)<br><br>
Have a great day everyone.<br><br>
Here are the placing results:<br>
Male Overall: 100/216<br>
Age Group: 15/26<br>
Chip Time: 1:23:22<br>
Raw Time: 1:24:11

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FB, great job on an unplanned race! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"> Maybe the night before helped a little. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink"> Kidding, but you did great.

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The pictures have been added at:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Scroll down to the bottom since I add the pictures in the same order.

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I actually thought there were a good amount.<br><br>
I was happy to see that I think I beat all the costumed runners and I did not get lapped by the leaders!! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="headbang">
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