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Emotional Eating

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So I know we all probably do this to some extent.<br><br>
I apparently want to snack when I am anxious or nervous. I have realized this a lot lately, as we've had some stuff going on on in our lives causing some nerves.<br><br>
And the urge to snack on cheetos, m&ms etc is almost overwhelming. I'm actually eating the big bowl of sliced bell peppers and FF ranch I brought in, but if I had a dollar, I'd probably be eating something worse.<br><br>
I don't know how to deal with this stuff.
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I've had to take total control of the grocery shopping and cooking. It really works well.<br><br>
My wife is a saint, but given the opportunity she'll buy something as harmless as a bag of pretzels. Which are only harmless if you don't eat the whole damn bag in one sitting....
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