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Emotional Eating

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So I know we all probably do this to some extent.<br><br>
I apparently want to snack when I am anxious or nervous. I have realized this a lot lately, as we've had some stuff going on on in our lives causing some nerves.<br><br>
And the urge to snack on cheetos, m&ms etc is almost overwhelming. I'm actually eating the big bowl of sliced bell peppers and FF ranch I brought in, but if I had a dollar, I'd probably be eating something worse.<br><br>
I don't know how to deal with this stuff.
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I agree with Maria, Meri, and Muzic. If I am anxious, or bored, or lonely, or stressed, my first impulse is to eat. But I know that and can decide to do something else, even if it is "substitute eating" like chewing gum or sipping tea. Luckily it would take a LOT to get me to cross the threshold of going out and buying a bag of chips or candy or carton of ice cream. I just never do. But if I did cross that threshold ... well I've learned the "emotional release" (which really isn't) is nowhere near worth how bad it feels (physically and emotionally) after you finish eating. Not that I am perfect and I think this something I will always need to be conscious about, but it is no longer an ongoing presence in my life. Thank god.<br><br>
Geneen Roth has written some really good books on this topic.
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