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I looked at my Garmin for a hill I run up frequently. It happens to be around 150 ft up in a mile. You can tell that it is a hill going up, but it doesn't seem terrible or anything. I find it seems to have more of a slope when I'm running down it. Go figure.<br><br>
Right at the end of that hill, I turn and go up another hill. That one goes up about 50 ft in a quarter of a mile or less. Now that you can tell is a hill. Looking down it from the top it seems really steep, too steep to run up. Running up it from the bottom, it looks steep, but not impossible by any means.<br><br>
All of that said, every elevation map for a marathon I've seen seems to do its best (it's level best?) to make it seem like the course is flat when it really isn't. I don't think 150 ft over a mile will trouble you much, not at mile 14 anyway.<br><br>
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