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Dublin;s St Patrick Festival 5K Race Report

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Well, it was a day early, and after the hectic last three weeks of studying, exams and school, it was a relief to be back running without thinking about Taxation! And as an added bonus the Dublin St Patrick's Festival Race was back in the City Centre, having been run in the Phoenix Park over 4 miles in recent times. Thankfully the City Council and the Race Organisers were able to recreate a City Centre 5K and the numbers were clearly up as there was a good turn out, with more than one fancy dressed St Patrick on show.<br><br>
For me, I was guaranteed a new PR as a M50, as this was my first race since my birthday last Wednesday, but I was unsure of how I would run as I have to confess to a few pints on Saturday watching the Rugby - but the least said about that sport the better, at least this week!<br><br>
The race was off around 10 am, and the weather was pleasant enough for March, with a little chill in the air, but dry and only a light wind. I am never too sure about how to run a 5K, as I am used to starting slowly and getting quicker during a longer race. You can't really do that over 5K, so I was unsure of myself. Although there were a lot of participants, as soon as we turned onto St Stephen's Green the race thinned out and there was no problem with other runners, and I heard the 1K time called at 4:45 - which seemed about right.<br><br>
I didn't think I was speeding up but the 2K mark came around in 9:05 which meant I had run 4:20 for this Km, and as we ran along the Grand Canal I was feeling the effects of the beer from yesterday a little, so just tried to keep the pace going, checking my breathing and running easily hard - if you know what I mean. Obviously, 5K is fast for me as I train for Connemara and the Pig. so with 3 and 4 coming along in 4:55 and 4:50, I was happy enough and could try and see if I could run harder over the last 1000 metres.<br><br>
Being in the City, it was a flat course, and I knew that the last 600 or so would be a long straight on the Green followed by a 200m run down Dawson Street to the finish outside the Mansion House, so as soon as we turned onto the straight I tried to pick up the pace and catch a few of my fellow runners. We passed the Shelbourne Hotel and as we did, Superwoman flew past - She must have been on her second lap, or had been sand-bagging, as she left me for dead and even though I was running past a fair few others myself, she probably finished 100m ahead of me! Back to me, and as we turned onto Dawson St, I kept up the accelerated pace, and kicked home to record a 4:20 last Km and a total time of 23:10 - A PR for M50 <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> - and an age grade run of 63.67%, which is actually my best over 5K since 2003 - so not a bad day out.<br><br>
After the race and a welcome cup of tea, managed to catch a few words with Eamonn Coghlan, whose father had been the inaugural Race Director of the St Patrick's Race back in the 70's, and he still looks as fit as in his days as the Chairman of The Boards - A true gent and a great athlete.<br><br>
Next for me will be a Half Marathon up in Omagh (Northern Ireland) in two weeks - probably different tactics - and definitely no beer the day before <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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oh dear Lord, where has the time gone? you weren't even masters when I came across you on message boards!!!<br><br>
I guess we'll be seeing alot of PRs <img alt="banana.gif" src="">
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