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Dryland Swim Toys

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<p>I checked out the pool during my last trip north and its about 10m long, which obviously isn't going to do me much good for training.  So it looks like swimming is out for my two week work shift.</p>
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<p>I realize that the best way to become a better swimmer is to swim more, but since that isn't an option (at least when I'm working), I'm looking at what else I can do.</p>
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<p>Does anyone have experience with any of the dryland swimming toys (stretch cords, etc)?  Any suggestions?  It needs to be light and portable, so a Vasa trainer is out.  Any good books you've come across on the subject?</p>
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<p>I have some swim paddles I don't really use anymore, I'm thinking about just buying a bunch of surgical tubing and making my own stretch cords in the garage.  I'll let you know how it works out (probably next month).</p>
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