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Drying workout clothes

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I was asking about this just before we started migrating and were homeless for a while...<br><br>
Is there a problem with drying your workout clothes the same way you do with all the others? I just do it the same way, wash, then throw into the dryer, and that's it. If any of you does it differently, could you explain?<br><br>
(PS: This question might be irrelevant for people who only have workout clothes, like Tithers)
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I need a career change. I'd be much happier dealing teaching people to buff up rather than dealing with kids puking on my carpeted floor and parents who have NOTHING better to do than giving me a hard time. There's only one of those-TG!<br><br>
Ok...remember-no fabric softener on workout drier sheets either!
I'm adding to this post that 99% of the time things are hung up or go on the rack...I rarely use the drier for that.
Where's Sheldon going?<br><br>
I wash cold cold. Extra heavy cycle. can buy decent tech stuff at target for $10. When you have your tri in July in NC you'll thank me.
Except for the swim...isn't there a USAT rule about racing topless? Anyone?
I didn't say it was fo' sho' a rule...I just said I think it was.<br><br>
They don't want your sensitive nipples to get burnt.<br><br>
It would make for a bad finisher's photo.
1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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