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Drying workout clothes

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I was asking about this just before we started migrating and were homeless for a while...<br><br>
Is there a problem with drying your workout clothes the same way you do with all the others? I just do it the same way, wash, then throw into the dryer, and that's it. If any of you does it differently, could you explain?<br><br>
(PS: This question might be irrelevant for people who only have workout clothes, like Tithers)
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drying rack when I'm keeping up with things.<br>
dryer on air only when i'm not.....sometimes one will accidentally get in with the regular clothes, but not all that often.<br><br>
Workout clothes and regular clothes aren't allowed to "mix" not even in the laundry....they even have separate baskets.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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