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Drying workout clothes

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I was asking about this just before we started migrating and were homeless for a while...<br><br>
Is there a problem with drying your workout clothes the same way you do with all the others? I just do it the same way, wash, then throw into the dryer, and that's it. If any of you does it differently, could you explain?<br><br>
(PS: This question might be irrelevant for people who only have workout clothes, like Tithers)
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Hung to dry in the basement. Thou shalt NOT put my workout gear in the dryer, even on 'air dry'. Heat destroys the fabric and creates static. 'Air only' also creates static.
Victor--you're probably right. Those old wool shorts with real chamois DID NOT go in the dryer!!! And old poly-pro would melt in the dryer.<br><br>
I line dry almost everything in the summer. Occasionally, I will line dry sheets outside in the winter. Nuthin' like the smell of "freeze dried" sheets!
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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