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Drying workout clothes

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I was asking about this just before we started migrating and were homeless for a while...<br><br>
Is there a problem with drying your workout clothes the same way you do with all the others? I just do it the same way, wash, then throw into the dryer, and that's it. If any of you does it differently, could you explain?<br><br>
(PS: This question might be irrelevant for people who only have workout clothes, like Tithers)
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I'm actually more careful about how I wash my tech clothes. I'll either use tech specific detergent or powdered detergent. Some other liquid detergents, and especially fabric softeners are supposed to interfere with the wicking ability of tech fibers. Once they're out of the washer though, I usually just dry them on low. I might be more likely to air dry clothes with high spandex content. I think they might be more susceptible to heat damage. I have loose-fit running shorts over five years old that I've dried countless times without out any signs of damage. I might air dry more if I had more room to do so.
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