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Dreadmill settings?

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Sitting in winter wonderland here. I need to get a 2.5hr run in today. Roads are plowed, but very icy. Looks like I'm stuck on the dreadmill at the gym. I've only run on one once... I'm needing to run 2.5hrs at about an 8:40 pace. What settings do I need?
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OUCH!! Two and a half on a dreadmill. I feel your pain!!! A setting of 6.9 will give you a 8:41 pace. Hopefully they have a TV at your gym to keep your mind occupied. A really dress down. It gets so much hotter in the gym. No wind you know.
Can you get some good core workout at home today and do your long run in a couple of days? Seems safer, saner, and so much more fun!!<br><br>
PS: I am guessing you are in Ohio?? With all the news reports of record snow there.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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