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Do You Want To Be In The VRAA Spotlight?

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Hi everyone - good to see you all participating in the VRAA. I'll be again volunteering my time as a sort of sideline reporter for this version of the VRAA.<br><br>
I'll be doing some team writeups this round and I'd like to add a little color and fun to the proceedings by having from 1-3 people per team who would be willing to both proudly represent your squad and earn a little spotlight time.<br><br>
I'll be sending anyone who volunteered some info from a tiny little questionnaire that and I would do the rest. I expect that my reports would start right about when the team names are all finalized next Tuesday, so let me know via PM as soon as you can and I can get going on the process.<br><br>
Good luck to all of you...well, except against the Everlasting Enduring Eminently Energetic Emperors & Empresses of Team E <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><img alt="wink.gif" src=""><br><br><b>Update: Thanks for everyone who has volunteered to represent their teams as spotlight members for the team profiles.<br><br>
I noticed that most teams have come up with permanent names, so barring anything unforeseen, we'll probably have the first team profiles being posted for your reading pleasure tomorrow. I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading them as I have in creating and writing them.<br><br>
This is also the last call for spotlight volunteers - I have gotten volunteers for the teams formerly named A, B, C & G, and am awaiting return of questionnaires from a couple of members from the former H & J Teams. So if anyone from teams D, E, F and I wants a little time in the bright lights, just let me know via PM ASAP.<br></b>
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Hey Kimbro - actually, that was my first thought when I was playing with this idea: highlighting the captains on each team.<br><br>
But then, I figured maybe I'd leave it up to each team to determine who and/or if they wanted someone to step into the spotlight of sorts (some captains may want to remain low-key.)<br><br>
If no one from a particular team wants to be in a spotlight, that's perfectly fine as well - I have an active enough imagination to come up with something on each team that will be hopefully fun to read for everyone <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Thanks Jen, Richard, and all those who've volunteered.<br><br>
I've updated the info in the original post - barring anything unforeseen, the first team profiles should be going up tomorrow.
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