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Do you mix facebook and work?

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<p>I have a facebook account again now that FB changed some of its security procedures.  But as before, I do not friend nor accept as friends any co-workers.  One of my co-workers was somewhat offended when they asked me for my facebook screen name to friend me and I told them I don't accept any co-workers as friends.  Just not my bag to share anything outside of work with a co-worker, unless I knew them from somewhere other than work.   They were really miffed at me and haven't spoken to me since.  This co-worker does not work close to me and we have never been "friends" outside of work by any stretch of the imagination so I'm not sure why they felt I wronged them when I wouldn't give them my facebook name.</p>
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<p>I don't use my real name.  I only friend real friends.  No way will I friend family.  I don't work, so don't have to deal with that.</p>
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