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Do you get those call and hang up calls?

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<p>Here at my office we can get 20 in one morning! UUUUHHHHH</p>
<p>I assume telemarketers but they are never on the line</p>
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<br><br><div class="quote-container"><span>Quote:</span>
<div class="quote-block">Originally Posted by <strong>ericd256</strong> <a href="/forum/thread/72324/do-you-get-those-call-and-hang-up-calls#post_1979443"><img alt="View Post" class="inlineimg" src="/img/forum/go_quote.gif" style="border-right:0px solid;border-top:0px solid;border-left:0px solid;border-bottom:0px solid;"></a><br><br><p>I love it when people call and hang up on me. I get to send a deputy to their house to make sure they are ok :)</p>
  We had that happen to us once. Our phone was calling 911 without our knowledge - just trying to be helpful, I guess <span><img alt="icon_scratch.gif" src="" style="width:20px;height:20px;"></span>.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>  We had them come out the next day and improve our connections.<br>
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