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Ding ding ding! Time for round 3!

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I've had the worst time getting my orthodics right...I'm went to the sports dr(s) that all the athletes go to for footie problems.<br><br>
Round 1...right arch cutting in, blisters<br><br>
Round 2...right arch too much support, still cutting in blisters. Oh...and left one was too SHORT!<br><br>
Round break-in period...just put them in my asics...going shopping. I won't run in them until I've put a week of walking around in them.<br><br>
If this doesn't work, I think I'll throw in the towel. Tri training is about to really pick up next cycle...unless Sheldon grounds me again. Don't need to add new things in when training gets "more 'funner' "
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Sorry to hear that. I never believed in orthodics until I met my chiropractor. I didn't go for him for orthodics, but my shoudler. Then we got to talking about my foot problems and he fit me with some that have been great! In fact my coach sends all his people to this guy, and we are all on orthodics it seems (probably a big scam <img alt="smile.gif" src="">). But my foot issues have gone away. I can find out more about the brand of them and maybe you could find a chiro or someone that knows about them. I'll see him tuesday for my bum shoulder.
Just curious but did they give you a protocol for breaking them in? Those 300-400 dollar orthodics apparently need to be broken in. For me it was wear 1 hour first day, 2 second day, etc.. up until the 8th day where then I could wear them all day long. I did run in them that first week, but only twice and I kept it to like 30 minutes. A friend of mine that got the same pair from the same doctor tried to race in them a few days after getting them and his feet were all blistered up.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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