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418 members joined this site in December.<br><br>
After the Active Transition and the original surge, carla and I thought it might slow down and that our jump to a dedicated server was premature.<br><br>
Well, I'm here to tell you - HECK NO!!! Not only is our membership SURGING, our daily active user numbers are growing faster! Prior to the big push, we averaged about 300 members a day (unique members) during the week and about 250 on the weekends. Yesterday, we had over 500 unique members on line! Our average weekly numbers since the new server is around 425 or so and the weekend is around 350.<br><br>
Once the running log goes active - our traffic will surge again!<br><br>
Lots of things happening and 2008 is setting up to be a BIG BIG YEAR for us!<br><br>
Keep talking to each other and let's all bring our "A" Game!<br><br>
Thanks for your hard work this year!
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