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December 50 Plus Training and Racing

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<p>Dec. 1</p>
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<p>Light snow but the paths were clear.</p>
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<p>50 minute warmup, 5 times 28 to 30 second uphill sprint with 90 sec. jog</p>
<p>recovery, same distance that I ran in 35 seconds last week, 5 min. warmdown.</p>
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<p>Fred I am surprised at such a big difference in the hill running in such a short time, esp. considering your high level of training. Can you explain how that happened, or are you at a loss?</p>
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I have a big aerobic base and the fullcourt basketball  with lateral stop and starts, etc., for</p>
<p>leg strengthening.</p>
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<p>I picked the right sequence of workouts every second day that built on the previous ones,</p>
<p>and I was lucky. I also recovered very fast.</p>
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<p>And I took a chance running 200's uphill, and I didn't get hurt.<br>
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<p>Go Fred!  Go go Abby!</p>
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<p>After yesterday's figgy pudding run (limp), I was hoping for a pecan puff run (sweet).  Much better.  I added on a little to make up for yesterday's slog.  Nice stout hill just about mid way, then back up it again on the return.  Trails, farmers' fields, a little rural road.</p>
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<p>2h30', 17.5 miles</p>
<p>Thanks for explaining Fred.</p>
<p>A little short of 11 miles today, slightly over 1:35.  Started with 4 inches of snow on the ground, ended with about 6 inches. Some of the roadswere ploughed, but on busy roads I ran on the shoulder to keep clear of the cars. Last four miles into a cold wind, my face was very cold. Time to get out the balaclava!</p>
<p>Sounds cold but fun Simon.</p>
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<p>Right knee hurting this morning so just a 2 mile run/walk.  Only thing I can think of is Saturday for about 1/2 mile had to run on a severely angled sidewalk.  My 1/2 marathon next Saturday is in jeopardy.</p>
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<p>nice racing Paavo</p>
<p>Carp, <strong>ks</strong>!  I had no idea my right knee was contagious!  Good grief. </p>
<p>I hope it will be just a temporary strain, and you'll be fine for your half.</p>
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<p>I've been lurking here for the last month or so, since I became eligible for this thread in October.</p>
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<p>Will see our family Ortho doc Wednesday morning.  My right knee is still clunky.  I can walk on it, and trot on it carefully, but can't go up a single curb.  Had to take the elevator to get to my clinic at work.  I'm stretching and icing and will do some exercise as well.  Wish I could therapy myself, but I think we might be past that.  Phooey.</p>
<p>Laura if you're contagious 3 hours away from me; just imagine what you're doing to the local runners!!   Be careful about over stretching your injury.  I think I'll not try to run again till Thurs night and see how it feels.  If it's better I'll run the half and probably coast thru the rest of the year.</p>
<p>Woooh, Simon.... you folks got hammered compared to us.  Nice run in those conditions yesterday.</p>
<p>SS........ greta run........ MY kinda run!!!  (I sooooo want to run with you one of these days!!!)</p>
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<p>{{{{{{{Laura's knee}}}}}}}}}</p>
<p>{{{{{{{KS's knee}}}}}}}</p>
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<p>5.4 miles on the streets of TO, with a 2 mile downhill jaunt thru Wilkett Creek Park.  -5°C without the windchill and with blowing snow, but only about an inch on the ground.</p>
<p>Hard to concentrate on squeezing the glutes when you can't feel your glutes.  Methinks the wind pants will be coming out soon.</p>
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<p>KS, are you injured?</p>
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<p>AM Run 32 minutes @ steady state to tempo, some snow on the ground</p>
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<p>PM Run 47 minutes.</p>
<p>Fred - I would not call it an injury but just being cautious.   Knee feels better today but won't run on it again till Thursday night.  The sidewalk I ran on (fast for me) for about half a mile Saturday had a real severe decline and it's the opposite angle that I normally run on.  I think every time I had a foot strike my right foot turned ever so slightly on that angle to keep me from falling off.  Plus the foot strike was different from side to side like running around a  mtn in a circle.   I think it is just a bit strained/tweaked.</p>
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<p>Sorry to hear about the injuries and tweaks, hope you both heal soon.</p>
<p>Shovelled the driveway yesterday, should be able to run tonight.</p>
<p>Hi Heme!  Hi Sans Souci!  Hi Laura!  Hi Simon, I love baclava!  Hi Fredurie!  Hi ksrunr!  Hi Ribs!</p>
<p>My plan is run every day this week and race twice as well.  In the mix is also two running club Xmas parties, one work birthday potluck and one extravagant Christmas luncheon!  I am doomed to overeat!</p>
<p>Hi tigger!  Hi Fortunate One!   Hi Flying Finn!! </p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Hi Ilene!</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">((clunky and cautious knees))</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Sunday recovery 45 minutes easy xc on field and woods paths; dust of snow.</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Monday off. Vet visit with diabetic cat.</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Tuesday towpath, 6 miles comfortable on dirt, dust of snow, swirling snowfall, 23F and windy.</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Results for Saturday’s 10.4m trail race - 1:54:53. Partner and I were 72/73 out of 165 overall men and women, top 2 of 7 in our 50-60AG, and we ran in before 10 (of 12) of the 40’s women, 16 (of 22) of the 30’s and 15 (of 24) of the 20’s.</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">I ordered some of those Icebugs shoes; the Sisu model, naturally.</p>
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<p>AM Run 14 min @ steady state, 12 min @ tempo, 3 min hard uphill, 1 min. jog, 1 times 200 meters hard, 20F</p>
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<p>PM Run 27 minutes with the dog and 1 times 100 meters hard, the dog ran another 2</p>
<p>times 100 meters hard for some hamburger.</p>
<p>No parties here, Ilene.  But I <em>did</em> get a couple of cannolis for my neighbour's birthday and tested out a third myself.  Wow.</p>
<p>FF, have you ever seen Hoka shoes?  One of the guys I ran with in Moab had a pair.  He had quite a collection of interesting shoes.</p>
<p>Hope that knee keeps improving, ksrunr.</p>
<p>Hi, Heme.  What is it with that new mayor of TO?  What a circus at the swearing-in.  Ugh.</p>
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<p>45' easy, no hamburger in sight</p>
<p>Yea, SS.  Should be an entertaining few years coming, if nothing else!  Glad I live outside the city now and watch the shenanigans from afar.</p>
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<p>Nice placing, FF.  I love it when the 50+ women beat most of the 40-50 crowd!</p>
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<p>40 minutes of spin, plus a bunch of core and hip work.</p>
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<p>Hi Ilene, and everyone else,</p>
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<p>Good racing, FF.  The snow hasn't been sticking here yet, but we're expecting some Saturday.  Just in time for a trail race that's hours away, so I may bail.  Plenty cold, though, so I was happy to be indoor on the treadmill.  5 M in 41:05, with 3 @ 7:30 m/M. AHR 136, 141, 146 bpm--so low I tend to question whether all the machines were working properly.  Maybe I should find a local 5 or 10 K to test things out in the real world.</p>
<p>Yes, Fortunate One, find a race to fly in!</p>
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<p>Hey Spareribs, how's the back?</p>
<p>3.8 mile RAL, -12°C with windchill.... just to get some sun on my face!</p>
<p>Heme, I hope it's not going to rain on that red Speedo this weekend.</p>
<p>FO, you're not gonna let a little snow stop you now, are you?</p>
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<p>90' vinyasa (can't believe this class is almost easy!)</p>
<p>20' wu, 8x1' hard (1' jog) 20' cd</p>
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<p>Shorts.  Warm and a light rain.  Lovely!</p>
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