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December 50 Plus Training and Racing

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<p>Dec. 1</p>
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<p>Light snow but the paths were clear.</p>
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<p>50 minute warmup, 5 times 28 to 30 second uphill sprint with 90 sec. jog</p>
<p>recovery, same distance that I ran in 35 seconds last week, 5 min. warmdown.</p>
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<p>KS, you ran 6 miles only just slower than my one mile PB: I don`t know whether to laugh or cry!</p>
<p>Fred I am surprised at such a big difference in the hill running in such a short time, esp. considering your high level of training. Can you explain how that happened, or are you at a loss?</p>
<p>Good luck with the relay, Ribs.</p>
<p>Nice running, FF, sounds likea tough course.</p>
<p>Western States, FO? Wow!!</p>
<p>Mileage in November down 60 from October, moving on, can`t be helped now.</p>
<p>Thanks for explaining Fred.</p>
<p>A little short of 11 miles today, slightly over 1:35.  Started with 4 inches of snow on the ground, ended with about 6 inches. Some of the roadswere ploughed, but on busy roads I ran on the shoulder to keep clear of the cars. Last four miles into a cold wind, my face was very cold. Time to get out the balaclava!</p>
<p>Sorry to hear about the injuries and tweaks, hope you both heal soon.</p>
<p>Shovelled the driveway yesterday, should be able to run tonight.</p>
<p>Ribs, were there three legs to the marathon so each runner did 8-9 miles roughly? (I have never done a relay!) Anyway, good result.</p>
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<p>Great run KS!</p>
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<p>I have never before heard of people having problems with the elliptical, but now you mention it your legs are splayed more than natural. Ironic that in trying to avoid knee injuries you introduce a strain somewhere else.</p>
<p>Brisk 11 miles yesterday, roads clear fortunately.</p>
<p>Sound s like fun, Ribs! Sounds like you have converted Ribcage into a runner.</p>
<p>Heme, can you`explain the word `ferbers`please. Have not heard that before.</p>
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<p>Ran 25k yesterday, 15.6miles (?), first 20k moderate pace then 5k tempo, total 2:13. I feel I have built up</p>
<p>decent speed but need to work on the endurance. Sort of like a Renato Cannova training programme, perhaps.</p>
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<p>Watching a Mariah Carey Christmas special on tv- I think she pushes her voice higher than her natural range, but</p>
<p>other than that I am enjoying it.</p>
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<p>Didn`t notice the age rating KS, terrific!</p>
<p>Not as much running as I would like to have done the last few days, mostly because of work commitments.</p>
<p>But I did 10 miles the other day with a fast kilometer at the end which wasquite a good confidence builder.</p>
<p>I have done some indoor cross training to stay out of the weather, hoping that counts for something.</p>
<p>Happy holidays to everyone!</p>
<p>Hi everyone!</p>
<p>Had a great long run with my son on Friday, about 9kms in the woods, packed and loose snow about anklre deep, little ladderbridges across frozen streams, deer tracks, and so quiet! Beautiful.</p>
<p>20x400m is quite the workout! Glad I don`t have to do that.</p>
<p>Hi guys! Trail running is tough, I haven`t done any cross country skiing but I should think you would need fairly smooth ground.</p>
<p>Another good week, Ribs, you are a model of consistency.</p>
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<p>I tried doing striders on my 4 miler today, seven all together. Four were longer, about 200-300 meters, the others 80-150 meters flat out. Now I am fully aware of the limitations of GPS but just for fun had a look at the fastest instantaneous pace I reached- it was 3:00 min or 180 secs per km, or 18 secs per 100m. (How Americans must envy or metric system! Canadians aren`t always nice, sometimes we are smug- sorry!)</p>
<p>Anyway, I thought you guys, and especially Fred, would get a good laugh out of my so-called sprinting speed. No wonder I like the 10k and half marathon better than the shorter stuff!</p>
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<p>With delusions of mediocrity I will be doing 10 miles or so tomorrow to wrap uip the year.</p>
<p>Happy New Year.</p>
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