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December 50 Plus Training and Racing

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<p>Dec. 1</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Light snow but the paths were clear.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>50 minute warmup, 5 times 28 to 30 second uphill sprint with 90 sec. jog</p>
<p>recovery, same distance that I ran in 35 seconds last week, 5 min. warmdown.</p>
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<p>Good luck to the Ribs team tomorrow.</p>
<p>Nice muddy trail run, Heme.</p>
<p>Nice running ks and FO.</p>
<p>FO, I didn’t know you were trying to get into Western States 100. Maybe next year.</p>
<p>Today I ran a 10 mile trail race with a friend. Perfect cool morning, low 20's. </p>
<p>My friend is usually speedier than me but since she hasn’t been training lately I was able to keep up today. She ran aggressively and hopped off the single track to pass people which forced me to pick it up if I wanted to keep up. Lots of boulders, roots, mud, icy puddles, log hurdles, several small stream hoppings, and good steep hills in this one; mostly deciduous forest, one pretty piney woods section. We did 1:5x:xx something. I didn’t pay attention to the clock at the finish because we did one of those “After you” “No, after you” dances. She crossed first and we ended up winning the top two in our age group. The prizes were very nice jackets! Times might not be online until Monday.</p>
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<p class="MsoNormal">Hi Ilene!</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">((clunky and cautious knees))</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Sunday recovery 45 minutes easy xc on field and woods paths; dust of snow.</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Monday off. Vet visit with diabetic cat.</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Tuesday towpath, 6 miles comfortable on dirt, dust of snow, swirling snowfall, 23F and windy.</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">Results for Saturday’s 10.4m trail race - 1:54:53. Partner and I were 72/73 out of 165 overall men and women, top 2 of 7 in our 50-60AG, and we ran in before 10 (of 12) of the 40’s women, 16 (of 22) of the 30’s and 15 (of 24) of the 20’s.</p>
<p class="MsoNormal">I ordered some of those Icebugs shoes; the Sisu model, naturally.</p>
<p class="MsoNormal"> </p>
<p>FO, you <em>are</em> the machine. Go race!</p>
<p>SS, the shoes look pretty neat. For winter I need traction, though. The icebugs have studs in them. I have a trail race mid February where there's bound to be snow so I thought the studs would be good, especially if there's also ice. Last winter I took a bad spill on ice and injured my shoulder. I'm going to  try to avoid that this winter!</p>
<p>Same venue as yesterday and close to the same weather, just lighter snowfall. 6 miles again.</p>
<p>The birds supplied the blue because the sky didn't have it today.</p>
<p>If there was hamburger it was frozen.</p>
<p>Thursday 5 HM tempo effort on dirt.</p>
<p>Today 5, rolling hills. Our dusting of snow melted; by the time I ran it was well above freezing.</p>
<p>My icebugs came today! They are much lighter weight than shoe/yak tracks combo.</p>
<p>When the weather improves I'll test them.</p>
<p>Glad your knee is feeling better, Laura.</p>
<p>KS, great racing and age graded result.</p>
<p>Nice job, Rib Cage.</p>
<p>SS, congratulations for placing first on a tough course! All the right ingredients on the course!</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Saturday I worked outside in wonderful weather, 40's and some sun.</p>
<p>Yesterday a storm brewed and I ran 10 on the towpath in heavy, cold rain.</p>
<p>Today it was all snow, pretty cold and windy, teens temperatures and feeling like 3 or 4 with wind chill. </p>
<p>I xc skied 50 minutes this morning. Mid-day I hike/jogged 4 laps around the house, 2.4 miles with +/- 634 feet.</p>
<p>This afternoon I skied again, 30 minutes.</p>
<p>Hi smug Ilene. <span><img alt="smile.gif" src=""></span> Gales make you tough.</p>
<p>So do hilly trails and xc skiing. Hi, Heme. I like to run on hills because it makes the flats seem easier.</p>
<p>My last long run was 6 days ago, 14 with some pretty good hills. Today I thought on flat roads I should be able to do 16 or maybe 18 with equal effort. I just kept going and got a 20 miler in, longest run since my early November trail marathon. The whole time I was wishing I was in the woods. Going there tomorrow for recovery.</p>
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