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So nice of people to turn up and pay respects to your friend. Did you know the family well, Yo - or mostly Mark? I'm sure they appreciated the ceremony.

We only had 3-4 inches of wet heavy snow somewhat near the coast... Spent yesterday snowblowing and shoveling before it froze into a big lumpy mess, so bagged exercise (it's wrasslin' with the snowblower and snow when it's that heavy!). We did have a small tree resting on lines across our road, but neighbor came out with the chainsaw and took care of it. Dog is loving the snow though! Had fun chasing a few deer through the snow last night on a close to dusk walk (he's 7-ish by the way, so getting the middle age pains we are!).

DS is coming up from Philly by himself, but DD is too broke to fly home... She and BF went on a 4-5 day Xmas market trip to Luxembourg, Heidelberg, and Salzburg - with a few lodging hiccups (last minute AB&B cancellation by the host), but fun for them nonetheless as an Xmas present to each other.

Today was going to be an easy group ride event for a couple of hours (as described). Turns out some masochist put it up the Ventoux route. So - even though I missed about 400 feet of the climb because I hopped on a few miles late, there was still 4400+ feet to go! Ouch ... about an 1:45 minute uphill slog, followed by a quick 4-5 miles down before hopping off just before the two hour mark.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts