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Dear Mommy:

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Please don't email me with a problem that your college student should be handling on his/her own. I'm just going to tell you to tell him/her to speak with me.<br>
ack ack ack ack!
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you win!<br><br>
my mom has called my boss before to b!tch I didn't get yada holiday off. Was away at college, didn't even know she knew wher I worked.<br>
Once I also came into work to find a note on my timecard saying I was grounded. (I was married and living 1500 miles away) sometimes you just can't stop MoM <img alt="roll_eyes.gif" src="">
here's one for you: opposite issue<br><br>
I have a very responsible, very much do the right thing 2nd grader.<br>
She switched schools a couple weeks into the school year. We went to her conference about 3 weeks after she transferred. The literacy teacher tells us that our daughter is very far behind in the AR test points. "What is this" we ask. There is a list of approved books my daughter must read from; then take a computer test on the books she has read. "Where is this list?" we ask. On-line says the teacher "What site?" Teacher is not exactly sure. "How is my daughter to know this is you have not told us?"<br>
Teacher says she told DD her first day and has seen DD reading books from approved box during free-time but DD has not taking any test.<br>
"O.K. is she supposed to take the test from home?" No says said teacher she's to do them in class <img alt="roll_eyes.gif" src=""> The girl is only 7, how 'bout teaching her, hey kid take a test. "Why didn't you call us?" "Because it's her responsibility" says teacher. uh, she's 7, you only told her once, she just moved, she's got 4 new teachers, all new friends, new house, new town...cut her some slack.<br>
"here is my e-mail; please send me the link to the site of approved books"<br>
email comes from teacher. oops site not up, list at library.<br><br>
This list is huge, whole school system, all grades, all schools, not organised in any way. By ability, by grade, by school, nada......<br>
So after I spend several hours sifting through the list making sure each book is per her school, her level yada, yada, yada We grab a stack of library books and spend a couple/ three days reading. I write down all the book titles she read and tell her to figure out where she is supposed to take the test. DD comes home from school saying teacher told her not to take any more test. <img alt="huh.gif" src=""> So, mom that I am I call up the teacher. WTH? DD apparently read too many books and is now several months ahead of the other kids. Screw that! She's now into her second Harry Potter which she loves and is considered 5th grade level. I'm not going to have her stop reading just because the other kids can't keep up. The teacher is just going to have to expand her points system. Would you read a dozen books worth half a point or a good book worth a dozen points.? I have a feeling the Accelerated Reading teacher and I are going to have a long year.<br><br>
Don't even get me started on the math teacher. My 5 year old DS is doing DD's math for fun. She was doing fractions at home and is doing addition here.<br>
Oh, how I miss her old school! We're looking at the best school districts to buy, so she'll only have to endure this year. But they are having great fun learning w/ Mom & Dad!<br><br>
Phew, I feel better
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1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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