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Dear Mommy:

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Please don't email me with a problem that your college student should be handling on his/her own. I'm just going to tell you to tell him/her to speak with me.<br>
ack ack ack ack!
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At what age should parents not contact their child's teacher. My 6th grader's English teacher thinks he is capable of telling us when his work is not up to par. We thought she might contact a parent whose child is working below his ability.
Here's the issue, the teacher won't let the kids bring any graded assignments home so we had no idea what his grades were. You might say we should ask but all the other teachers sent home work that had exemplary grades. The English teacher knew his grades in other classes but did not contact us re: his English grade which was not wonderful. We got a report card surprise. Furthermore, the English grade included artwork the children did on their writing assignments. As it turns out my son lost credit due to his poor artistic ability. I was bullshit about the combined English/Art class combo. Just venting.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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