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Dear Mommy:

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Please don't email me with a problem that your college student should be handling on his/her own. I'm just going to tell you to tell him/her to speak with me.<br>
ack ack ack ack!
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This is too funny.<br>
I don't know how you all do it, but here's what just happened in my house this week....<br>
DS14 announced Wednesday that a girl (that he's been flirting with) took his January syllabus and wouldn't give it back. He wanted to know if I would ask his teacher for a new one.<br>
I told him that if he needed my help in asking his teacher for a new syllabus, that I would a few steps more for him- I'd go to school with him, help him get to all of his classes, sit with him during his classes/lunch and then help him ask her for a new syllabus.<br><br>
Last night at dinner he proudly announced that he has a new January syllabus. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
I absolutely agree with you. There is a time and place. DS has been complaining about his math class and his grades have been getting worse. We called his teacher (her first year) and found out that she put Mr. Testosterone at a table of all girls. Hmmmm, no wonder he isn't doing well or asking clarifying questions. She agreed that she probably should not have done this and moved him to a mixed table.<br><br>
OTOH- DD16 is getting ready to begin a running start a the local community college. I will ONLY intervene with her if she has tried to work it out with the resources she has. She'll need to be able to walk up to her Prof's and have difficult conversations and HS is the best time to learn this very important skill.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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