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Day 31 - Sunday May 27

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16 miles running = 64 points<br><br>
total = 64 points for team B.<br><br>
slight chance I'll do more later.<br><br>
gogogo banana!
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ok, so the way this weekend was it was really one long day broken up with a few minor naps so it all gets tallied here.<br><br>
HASH RUN, Jenna says difficuly level increased values. 5 miles=40 points (i helped another runner out a lot) this was thru a lot of deep (thigh high) mud and woods.<br><br>
about 20 hours of beach volleyball spread out over the whole Fri, Sat and Sun,= 60 points<br><br>
total of 110 points for team <b>A</b>lcohol
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