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Day 3 - 6.8.11 - POINTS THREAD

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<p>1,650 yards in the pool = 17 points so far for Team 1</p>
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<p>More to come later.</p>
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<p>Took it super-easy today. I should've worn a singlet in the warmness, but [again] didn't wanna wake D'Wife looking for it, so I went with a sleeveless. Fortunately, some kind folks had their sprinklers on, so I took advantage and wetted up pretty good in mile 2.</p>
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<p>Saw a couple items of "roadside taxidermy" ... not Road <em>KILL</em>, mind you - which is flat - but poor creatures who seemed like they just stopped working and rolled over at the side of the road; on their backs, feet up in the air, like they're just waiting for someone to change the batteries</p>
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<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307455660247158"><strong id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307455660247181">15 minutes Punk Yoga</strong></p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307455660247166"><strong id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307455660247180">4 miles Run</strong></p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307455660247163"><strong id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307455660247179">1x100 Push-ups</strong></p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307455660247162"> </p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307455660247159"><strong id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307455660247168">20 points for Team One</strong></p>
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