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Day 11 - Monday July 9

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AM: 6.5 miles running = 26 points<br>
PM: 4 miles running = 16 points<br><br>
total = 42 points for team C.<br><br>
42! My favorite number!
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8.25 mile run this morning* = 33 points<br><br>
Team <b>A</b>wesome<br><br>
*I fell 3.5 miles into my run, but I continued on a bloody mess - do I get any extra Badass points for that? Or is there a deduction for falling? <img alt="wink.gif" src="">
Tithers did NOT puke this morning, so she did 7 hilly hot miles for 28 points, team D!
Oops, I keep posting late. Here is my Sunday points = <b>16</b> pts for team <b>Deee.</b><br><br>
I will post again after my evening run.
8.25 miles = 33 pts.<br><br>
Team <b>B</b>ong.
You only get bonus points if you are a member of Team <b>B</b>adass. Otherwise, you need to forfeit them to me for not getting all your strides in AND get penalized as well.
4 miles - 16 pts<br><br>
Hope to get more in tonight!<br><br>
Team F
Sorry - I'm a little behind reporting my points.<br><br>
Friday 7/6<br>
3 miles - 12 points<br>
Pilates (40 mins) - 8 points<br>
20 points<br><br>
Saturday 7/7<br>
Sunday 7/8<br>
Utica Boilermaker 15k race - 37 points for distance, 5 bonus race points<br>
42 points<br><br><b>Total - 62 more points for Team A</b>
Ok I am finally reporting back in.<br>
Thursday: Rest Day<br>
Friday: 7 miles = 28 points<br>
Saturday: 4 miles = 16 points<br>
Sunday: Rest Day<br><br>
I will report back in after my long run this evening.
<b>10</b> crappy miles this morning. But they still get us <b>40 points for team F!</b><br><br>
I may get a swim in later...<br><br>
Edited to add: Ok, I was able to get to the pool and get a swim in... <b>1250 yards = 1143 meters = round down? 11 points?</b><br><br><b>For a total now of 51 points for team F</b>
Planned rest day...but I put in 2 miles walking on a steep incline on the TM!<br><h1><a class="nuwiki_top_link" href="#user_top">[top]</a>8 pts for Team Cojones<br><br>
(might do some more yoga tonight)<br><br>
edited to add: DID do yoga tonight<br>
30 minutes of yoga for 6 points<br><br></h1>
14 points total for Team Cojones
Team A<br><br>
3.25 miles- 13 points<br>
Swim- it was a drill session with my coach, and we didn't do full lengths. So I'm using the 1 pt per 5 minutes thing, since we did some chatting, too. So 1 hour of drills - 12 pts. Does that seem fair?
6.5 miles = 26 pts for Team E<img alt="smile.gif" src="">
4.5 miles = 18<br>
5 miles bike = 7.5<br><br>
25.5 for Team <b>C</b>
Off day for me. Thank goodness! After sitting in the car yesterday, pulling into my parents' house at near-midnight, I'm sore and very tight. I'm dying to go for a swim and pull out a bunch pf laps. Swimming is the perfect recovery workout. Might even hop on my mom's bike later and explore their new town.<br><br>
0 points for Team A!!
6 miles running = 24 points<br>
10 min core = 2 points<br><br>
Total for the <b>F</b>-Troop = 26 points
6 mile plod<br><br>
24 pts for team D
Okay, maybe it's 40 points, but it's 40 <i>crappy</i> points! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
6 miles in the midday heat (98 deg. baby!) = 24 points for Team D
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