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90 min alternate workout this morning = 12 points<br>
4 mile run = 16 points<br><br>
28 points in all this morning.

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Good morning. 30 minutes elliptical and 10 minutes stretching today. 12 points for team H!<br><br>

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Ok not sure what to do but need to get these points posted for last wk since I was on vacation I havenot posted for a few days...not sure if this is the correct way but going to do it anyway??????<br><br> BANZAI BADASSES!!!!!<br><br>
Friday 3/8<br>
4 mile run 16pts<br><br>
Monday 3/10<br>
4mile run 16pts<br>
30min core work 6pts<br>
total 22pts<br><br>
Tuesday 3/11<br>
60 min alternative workout-snorkeling 12pts (in the ocean for 1 hr, not sure if I can count the full, but lets just say I was not standing around, we were swimming for the full 60 min)<br>
2mile run 8pts<br>
total 20pts<br><br><br>
Wednesday, 3/12<br>
3.5 mile run 14pts<br>
20 min core workout 4pts<br>
total 18pts<br><br>
Thursday, 3/13<br>
4mile run 16pts<br><br>
Friday, 3/14<br>
2mile run 8pts<br>
4mile walk 16pts<br>
total 24pts<br><br>
Sunday, 3/16<br>
7mile run28pts<br>
30 min yoga 6pts<br>
total 34pts<br><br>
I will post todays points later.

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bike 6 miles = 9 pts<br>
stretching 15 min. = 3 pts<br><br>
Total 12 pts
1 - 20 of 110 Posts
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