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I'd heard from a few people that they'd see some strange things on the view/edit screen every once in a while, where the points entered in the various categories for a date wouldn't match the total for the date. This would happen where there were multiple entries for a player on a date and where certain other conditions were met.<br><br>
I've traced the glitch and fixed it. Now, when you go to the "View/Edit" screen, you will see each record entered for you listed individually, with no weird aggregation.<br><br>
One thing I'd ask of players and captains: <b>please check the "View/Edit" information every once in a while to make sure there are no duplicate entries.</b> This can happen when both captains and players are entering points. If you do find a duplicate, just change all the totals to zero in one of the entries. If you'd like, you can send me a PM to have me delete the record, but that's not necessary.<br><br>
In addition, if you edit entries, <b>please make sure to set the correct date from the drop-down menu when you edit</b>.<br><br>
Thanks. Please continue to let me know if you have questions or requests.

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Thanks, HT, it's all working quite well!
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