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anyone have any info on these, sounds like the bike i want, not sure of an entry level one...any info would be a big help...
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Hmmm....we just had this discussion on my running club's boards. From one of our cyclists:<br><br>
"A cyclocross bike is like a mountain bike with bigger tires. Kind of.<br><br>
The cyclocross has the brake system of a mountain bike-cantilever or disk giving more clearance between the tire and frame/brakes but uses the 700 mm wheels/tires of a road bike instead of the smaller diameter 26" mountain bike wheels and tires. The cyclocross also has the drop style handle bars of a road bike instead of the straight bars of a mountain bike.<br><br>
Plus, the frame of the cross bike is a little beefier, to take some offroad abuse, than that of a road bike<br><br>
So, if a road bike and mountain bike were able to have sex <img alt="shock.gif" src=""> , I guess this is what their offspring would look like."<br><br>
JR or Ronbo will have more technical details.
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No CO2 quickies? <img alt="roll_eyes.gif" src=""><br><br>
Sorry to the OP for how this thread has degraded. Did the same on our running boards when we discussed the merits of road bikes dating/having illicit affairs with bad boy mountain bikes or the suave TT bikes.<br><br>
JRoden is our resident expert and races cross so he will be able to help you.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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