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anyone have any info on these, sounds like the bike i want, not sure of an entry level one...any info would be a big help...
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I use a cyclocross bike for about 4 months of the year, plus assorted odd races during the spring. Many people believe they are good "do everything" bikes and I don't agree with this altogether. If you buy a cross bike that fits as designed, it will be a little small acrost the top for road riding, a little overtall, undergeared, top heavy and handle sort of quirky and sluggish. I have raced criteriums omn mine (I changed out the large chainring) and it was ok, I've used it for many mountain bike races and won quite a few, but your tires are the weak point, plus with no suspension stuff is always breaking and you get exhausted from riding fast in the woods.<br>
So, they are good for cross racing, which is what they are made for. They can be ridden on the road, but a road bike will be a better choice. The make a decent communter bike, though i think my surly long haul trucker is a better bet.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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