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Here is the latest standing as I have them, if there is an (M) after your team's points it means that I am missing information.<br><br>
Here you go:
<ol style="list-style-type:decimal;"><li><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="santa"> , 1170 points</li>
<li>Jolly Jingle Runners, 1110 points</li>
<li>Cheermeisters, 1100 points</li>
<li>Sandy Claws, 1050 points</li>
<li>Sexy Seasonal Sirens, 1020 points</li>
<li>TH3 The Three Hot Holiday Honey's, 950 points</li>
<li>The Three Wisewomen, 940 points</li>
<li>Very Merry Kickrunners, 900 points</li>
<li>The Sanity Clause, 880 points</li>
<li>The Holiday Hotties, 850 points (M)</li>
<li>Fort Hose About to Rock, 830 points</li>
<li>Two Hot Babes and a Nerd, 770 points</li>
<li>Holiday Brownie Slutpuppies, 710 points (M)</li>
<li>All I Want For Christmas Is To See My Feet, 650 (M)</li>
<li>Dixen, Vixen, and Blitzed, 260 points (M)</li>
<li>The Queen, The Princess, and The Joker, 230 points, (M)</li>
<li>Jingle Our Bells, 0 points (M)</li>
If you have reported, and I missed it my apologies.<br><br>
Thanks to everyone who is participating<br><br>

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with the holiday and being off work, not on my regular schedule, etc. I forgot to send you our team points earlier this week . . . so you still want us to do that or are we just waiting til the end, since we are getting close, to send in all final numbers for your tally-skills?
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