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Crossing creeks below freezing temps. Help!

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I am scared to death. I will be doing my first 50K and first trail race this Saturday and I know I will be SLOW since it's a new distance and I just raced Disney.<br>
There will be a few creeks to be crossed through the water.<br>
Predicted temps for race day: low 10-15, although we may be lucky to hit low 30s later.<br><br>
I can't swing the cash for the Sealskinz.<br>
What can I do to avoid total numbness of my feet and issues with circulation due to the freezing water? I have no clue of how to deal with that.<br><br>
Any input appreciated. Tks!
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IEH4M - I have trail shoes but I'm just wearing road shoes for Swinging Bridge.<br><br>
I've run the last 10 miles of the 50k - so the first 35k that I'm running Saturday will be a first for me. In the last 10 miles that you'll be doing - there are creeks, but they aren't really that bad. For the most part, the creeks are either shallow, or in the deeper sections (which aren't much more than ankle deep) I remember there being 'rock hop' points.<br><br>
My advice is just to (limited as it is) is just to lube your toes up with some extra vaseline on race morning.<br><br>
Knowing what I do know of the course - you cross by the start/finish at the 35k point - you could leave a change of socks/shoes there if you wanted to. I do know that you will get your feet at least a little damp though in the last 10 miles.<br><br>
Looking forward to seeing you out there on Saturday - you rock!
IEH4M - the trailhead that you'll cross at the 35k point (which is the start finish for both races) is probably between 1/4 and 1/2 mile from where parking is, so if you're going to do a drop factor in a few minutes to get your stuff down there...
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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