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Moonbeam, congrats on winning your age group, you little stud muffin!<br><br>
jcumming - no I do not run backwards. However, I do enjoy a nice back flip on my neighbor's trampoline. <img alt="wink.gif" src=""> I also tend to occasionally read things backwards - I am not constrained* by the "traditional" left to right, top to bottom. It was only after creating my username that I realized that not everyone does this. Who knew? (*this sounds holier-than-thou when in reality, it's more like I'm either too lazy to move my eyes <i>all</i> the way back to the left of the page or I'm too impatient to find out what is going to happen so I'll sneak in a word from a line or two below on my <i>long haul</i> back to the left to see what's going on down there.)<br><br>
Dan, you'll be happy to know that this evening we played a couple of games of cornhole with the neighbors. You should absolutely come out to the 15k in whenever-it-is. That was my favorite race last year. It's on a rails-to-trails path so it's flat as a pancake.
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