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Crazy Baby STUFF

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I am overwhelmed and amused by the amount of stuff marketed to new parents these days.<br>
And the marketing tactics are outrageous!<br><br>
Some of the more interesting ones to me are:<br>
3-D ultrasounds: the local imaging place promises to help "create that bond with your baby that much sooner".<br><br><a href="" target="_blank">baby plus education system</a>: promises to "give your baby a head start" and do everything from make birth easier to have her memorizing all the digits of pi before she comes out of the womb<br><br>
then of course there's the $800 bedding set that includes a bumper and blanket you're advised not to use in infancy, a sheet the baby is going to poop on and a bed skirt that might or might not work with your crib<br><br>
What are some of your favorites?<br><br><br><br><span style="font-size:small;">(I'm not knocking these things, and they may really work or be valued by some people. But the claims are broad.)</span>
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Back in college in the early 90's, I had to do a paper for a child development class where I reviewed children's toys and wrote about what developmental stage they were geard towards (gross motor skills, imaginative play, etc) and whether they were marketed towards parents or children.<br><br>
One of the toys I reviewed was an infant toy. There was (is?) a company that made "developmental" toys for infants and toddlers, and used the colors red, black, and white almost exclusively. When I took a look at the packaging, the wording implied that your child's development would be stunted if you did not give them the toy.
Yep, that was basically what annoyed me about the toys. Not the toys themselves, just the guilt trip that the marketing placed on the parents. Fortunately, I have sisters who have kids, and can tell me what I really need and what I can ignore.
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