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AVG is free.

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anybody know 6star reviews?<br><br>
here's a blurb: <i><br>
The Shield Deluxe<br>
[ Rate This Review ] Overall Review:Read Reviews and Compare The Shield Deluxe<br><br>
[Click to view the The Shield Deluxe screenshot] The Shield Deluxe 2008 is a simple to use anti-virus software and anti-spyware program. Right from the beginning, we saw how painless it was to to download, install and use.<br><br>
The Shield Deluxe anti-virus software comes with an installation utility that detects remnants of previously installed anti-virus software, weeding them out before the download begins. The Shield Deluxe 2008 has automatic updates and weekly virus scans are all pre-scheduled. As we like to say, it's an "install and forget" product.<br><br>
Shield Deluxe Highlights:<br><br>
* Protection from both virus attacks and spyware<br>
* Low cost - $29.99 for the complete anti-virus software package for 6Star Review Readers<br>
* Free technical support - phone, live chat and email<br>
* Vista Compatible<br><br>
The interface on this software program is very intuitive, splitting various components of the program up in an easy-to-scan format. The program was rather "light" on our computer and did not take up significant resources or slow down any other programs.<br><br>
The Shield Deluxe 2008 anti-virus software wins our Top Rated spot with a 6.0 Star Rating for its overall ease of use and low price. Their free technical support was just icing on the cake. How nice it was to speak to a real human on a technical support line when automated systems are typically the norm!<br>
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Cat, I've a free 1-year license for a commercial internet security suite (antivirus, antispyware, firewall, parental controls, etc.). PM me if you'd like it and I'll give you the details. After the 1 year license expires, you can choose to renew for a fee or use something else. It matters not to me.<br><br>
I actually have 10 licenses, so if anyone other than Catrinka wants one, send me a PM.
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