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Colombia MO Half Marthon Challenge Race Report and "the Rest Of the Story"

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I posted the race report in the correct place but there is an aspect of the race that warrants a posting here. Below is the report copied from that post after that is "the rest of the story"<br><br>
Ran this one Yesterday My Darling Daughter is a student at MIzzou so I drove down there on Saturday and "Crashed at her pad" We ran it together.<br><br>
Race started at 8:00 you were supposed to get chipped at 7:00. This part was well organized and went smoothly.<br><br>
Miles 1-2 the course started with gelty rooling hills through the center of the Mizzou campus. It ran past the stadium. The leftovers from Mizzou's thrashing of Nebraska (ended at Midnight) were strewn everywhere. Tail gate Trash and a few tail gaters. It was a nice warm up felt on track.<br><br>
Mile 3 The course than left the pavement and went on a bycyle trail. that switch backed down to the grindstone creek valley. I am guessing about a 75-100 ft elevation drop. Once again nice scenery and good trail.<br><br>
Mile 4 was an uphill run through a neighborhood probaly about 75 feet gain also the first challenging uphill.<br><br>
The course than spends from mile 4- 7 along a major road with rolling hills generally trending up. I call this sort of terrain in Mo "steps" you run up a little than down a little than up again with the crests going higher each time.<br><br>
7-10 The course than departs the pavement again and goes into the Grindstone Nature area on well maintained gravel trails. First you lose the elevation gained and end up in the Grindstone Valley again. There is a fair amount of flat and you run in wooded shady ares crossing several old bridges. Nicest part of the course.<br><br>
Mile 10 -11 goes back to the mile three course and switchbacks back up the hill. I deem this to be the most challenging part of the course based on it's placement late in the race.<br><br>
Mile 12 to finish. Back through campus. The tail gate trash is being cleaned up and Tail gaters are showing signs of life. Before the finish line the race detours to the center of the Mizzou campas going by "The Pillars" a nice touch.<br><br>
I finished with a time of around 2 hours 22min which was what I expected to finish at. This is the first Time I have raced since 2003 and since than I have run inconsistently and really started on the come back trail in July. So I view the race as a major personnel accomplishment. It is also an age group PR.<br><br>
The race is very well organized from registration through aid stations and into the post race activities. Columbia is a great place to run. The weather was extremely hot for October Temperatures approached a daytime high record and the race was hot and sticky. I also think Pace 2 Race and Lofcaudio where there but I didn't run into them.<br><br><b>Now for the rest of the story</b><br><br>
So I am getting to the half point way station. I am feeling good and am getting into the zone. The day was pretty warm. I was well hydrated and I run with a water pack because I have my own drinking rythm. Anyway I am looking to get water here to spalsh on my hands because they are getting that swollen feeling that I hate. Hoping to avoid pouring Gatorade on them I am saying water and they are saying something that sounds like water and looking at me funny.<br><br>
Finally I figure out they are saying " Daughter". I look over to the side and DD is laying down on the sidewalk. My Heart absolutely stopped. I go over there and the look of distress on her face terrifies me. Being a Dad I DO NOT let this show. I let her get out her story. DD is a fast and competitive runner. She has been training for this one at about 7:15 and has a good chance at age group and overall metal. She went out strong and at this point was in the top twenty runners and the 3rd woman. She says as she was going over for water she got wobbly and tunnel vision. The aid station folks get her off her feet and into the shade. A few of the front of the pack runners stop (God Bless them) to make sure she is okay and offer suggestions. The aid station folks are bgetting ready to call in the aid wagon and DD refuses saying she has to wait for her Dad. Thus the frantic looks and the Daughter calls.<br><br>
As we're talking we decide that she is going to ride back and I am getting out the car key. Than I suggest that perhaps she might like to finish the run with Slow Dad just like the old days. We have run 4 halfs together counting this one. I know the next station is about two miles away. She decides that she can probably manage that and we finish the race together.<br><br><b>AND NOW THE REST OF THE REST OF THE STORY</b><br><br>
DD has been battling an Eating Disorder since 2002 with a Hospitalization in 2004 and one in July of this year. I have been her custodial parent since 1995 when her Mom Left us. We have developed an incredibly deep and honest relationship over the years. So unwillingly I am way too knowledgeable about ED.<br><br>
So talking and honesty have been a strong part of our relationship over the years. The only thing where this isn't so is the ED. After the last hospitalization we have started calling the disorder by the name of Ed. This suggested by the Psychiatrist. He also says that ED has a voice and ED lies to you. Ed provides rationalizations and convinces you to do ED things. Ed also tells you to be ashamed and to lie to those you love. An important aspect of becoming well is to learn to ignore Ed when he is talking to you. I view this as having a rational mind that knows what needs to be done while at the same time having an irrational voice that sucks you back in.<br><br>
So for the last half of the half DD and I talked. The first part of the conversation was her telling me what has been happening to her currently and what ED things have been creeping back in. She has been restricting and laxative use had crept back in. Coupled with fairly high level training. This is sometimes called Female Atheletic Triad. We decided what happened at the race was a combination of heat and going out at race pace and by the halfway point the tank was empty. The second part of the conversation was me telling her how proud I am of her for telling me all this as painful as it must be to her. I think the most important thing for me to do is to make sure that she knows I am always a safe zone for her to tell me anything. This is hard for me because at times you really want to start screaming and say "Why are you doing this? You can't be this Stupid!! You must come home so I can watch everything you do and make you eat!!" You really can't do this because it doesn't work and generally tends to make ED bigger.<br><br>
I related all my talk to explaining how ED was really trying to interfer with all the things that are important to her. We are palnning a Marathon Run on her Birthday and I told her that in order to run one she has to take in energy. Of course she knows that but it bears repeating. We made a plan for her this week that involves her calling me to tell me about her evening meal. We settled on brown rice fish and a vegatable. Ed has a tendancy to convince you that some foods are poison. These foods don't fall into that category. The other part of the plan involves her comming clean to her counciler.<br><br>
When we finished the race I started a final kick and she looked at me and said "You aren't going to beat me you old Poop" and her smile came back. She beat me by about two seconds and we laughed.<br><br>
Why am I writing this. First I asked DD if it was OK and she said yes. Next I thought this was something that would ring true with other Boomers because we are all parents many with adult children and we all are challenged by things like this all the time. I also needed to put it all down to help me make sense of it a little bit. Oddly never having meet any of you I feel safe writing all this stuff down here and feel safe telling it all to you. For the parent of an Ed this is important. Lastly I also think that ED is around a lot more than we think or would care to admit. Perhaps with some of us, Perhaps with some of our children, Perhaps with " a friend of a friend". In some way I hope relaying the rest of the story will help someone else some time in the future.<br><br>
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RH, first, congratulations on running a race that you're happy with. You did well in your first HM since a long layoff. I'm sure that your time yesterday will continue to get better as you continue to train. (2:22 is a fine time, BTW).<br><br>
As for "the rest of the story" all I can say is that you're doing a great job with your daughter. It sounds like you are becoming a model of restraint<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">. I can only imagine how hard it must be for both of you and it sounds like you have a good plan for getting this "slip" under control. I'm glad your daughter was able to finish the race with you and I hope she's feeling better today.<br><br>
BTW, I have twin daughters who are nine. Eating disorders are something that concern me for the health of my own kids. (I read something last year that said kids entering treatment for EDs are younger and younger - some as young as eight!) Your posting of your daughter's struggles brings this disorder into conversation and I think that's a good thing. Good luck to you and your daughter as you continue to deal with this affliction.
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Congratulations Rich on your return to racing after the long layoff. I'm sure your times will continue to improve.<br><br>
I admire you and your daughters attempts at dealing with this problem and your honesty in posting it here. My daughters are both in their 30's and I can assure you, you will never stop worrying about their problems and feeling the need to take care of them. Hopefully your daughter can get this eating disorder under control. I don't have any suggestions other than continued love and support as you are doing. My thoughts are with you.<br><br>
Rich, it sounds like you are doing everything you can to help your daughter. I wish you both the best in overcoming this problem. It seems like your shared interest in running can be a real help.<br><br>
Best wishes,<br>
Thanks for posting more of the story here, RoadHawk. I'm glad this is a safe venue for you and I appreciate you sharing that because I know there are folks here that can either relate or empathize with your daughter and her ED. I'm glad you have such an open and honest relationship with her and that she was able to share that with you.
Congrats RH. Touching about DD. You both will gain much as you persevere. Stay with it. You never know exactly what you may say that can make all the difference too those you know and love.<br><br>
On a lighter note. I had to use the port-a-pot just before the tunnel to the stadium parking lot after mile 2. It looked like all 70,000 + fans had used it. It will take months to get that image out of my head. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="tongue2"><br>
The rest of the lot looked like Detroit the morning after Halloween, minus the burned out cars.
Roadhawk - You seem like a wise old owl in this case; not a roadhawk. Your daughter is fortunate to have you. Hang in there. Also congrats on your run.<br><br>
Adding to the lighter note; you can see by my handle I'm originally from and still claim KS as home. I'm for WSU, KU, KSU, or PSU all the time. Looking forward to seeing how real KU and MU are in the North conference.<br><br>
drinking the wind
awesome job dad.<br><br>
my daughter's 4 1/2. i'm taking notes.
I'm a K State Graduate alum.<br>
Thanks for the comments<br>
On a lighter note sort of DD just had a minor fender bender rear ending another student not much damage and no injuries but come on now.<br><br>
Why do we have children anyway? Will some one remind me?<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Confused"><br><br>
Oh yeah it seemed like a good idea at the time<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="headbang">
That was a good run RH, It may have started as a half, but with extra effort in parenting I'd count as it 26.2. You did great in both respects. ED is tough, he's lurked around our home. Be vigilant. Wishin' you and your DD the best.<br>
That's an incredible story, Rich! Kudos on your return to racing. That aside, I wish you and your daughter the very best. You are lucky to have each other.<br><br>
.... and to answer your question, if it weren't for our kids, we'd probably just blow our money on petty stuff .... real estate, stocks, bonds, retirement, and the like <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Wink"><br><br>
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