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Cold enough for ya?

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Currently, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with wind chill it is -45C. In fahrenheit that comes out to -49. Funny thing is, on Saturday I was running outside in short sleeves. The forecast for tomorrow morning, without windchill is for -38C (-36F).<br><br>
I always wonder about this time of year why I live here. Can never figure it out, nor can I figure out why my ancestors ould have chosen this particular climate to settle in. But its a dry cold.
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Those are negative numbers right Slow? As in 40 below!<br><br>
I must really be a baby. It has either been 2 degrees or raining or 2 degrees or raining every time I have ventured out lately. I'm miserable with training. Of course it's a wet that makes it MUCH worse.
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