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Coach Carole is Doing Another Swim Clinic-ATLANTA

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<span style="color:#800080;"><b>Hey-and yay for CC's swim clinics! I'm already getting faster. Sheldon is contemplating shaving his body to keep up with me at GCT.</b></span><br><br><span style="color:#800080;"><b>Shizzle. He's wearing a wetsuit! A few of us Kicksters have been to her clinic and learned a lot! Stitcher no longer swims backwards and Dave is smooooooooooooth!</b></span><br><br><span style="color:#800080;"><b>Here's the info!</b></span><br><br>
Is SWIMMING the weakest part of Triathlon for you? Let us help!<br>
Swim Clinic on Sunday, February 17<br>
8 people cap at clinic<br>
Two clinic options:<br>
1) 10:00-1:00p<br>
2) 3:00pm - 6:00pm<br>
Location: Marist High School Pool<br>
Cost: $100<br><br>
This clinic will include extensive pool time. Each swimmer will be individually<br>
video taped with analysis from both Tim and Carole. Each swimmer with be assigned<br>
drills based on their limiters and worked with as to how to apply the drills to<br>
their stroke. Tim and Carole will also talk about what to do from that point moving<br>
forward in terms of suggestions for swim training based on the goals of the<br>
Tim Storsteen:<br>
Former All American, full scholarship for swimming to Clemson University.<br>
Ten years of coaching experience for USS (united States Swimming), USMS<br>
(United States Masters Swimming), YMCA, and Summer League Swimming. Ceritified ASCA<br>
(American Swim Coaches Association) coach for 8 years. Over 25 years of competitive<br>
swimming through USS, NCAA, USMS, and USAT. Current Masters coach for Westminster<br>
Killer Whales in Atlanta, GA.<br><br>
Carole Sharpless:<br>
Carole is a former All-American, nationally-ranked swimmer. Having turned<br>
Professional in Triathlon in 2004, she is known for her swimming prowess.<br>
Carole is consistently among the top-3 overall women out of the water, and<br>
has placed as a Pro:<br><br>
* 2nd Ironman FL 2006<br>
* 4th Ironman Louisville 2007<br>
* 4th Ironman Lake Placid 2003<br>
* 6th Ironman Florida 2005.<br>
* 2003 Ironman National Champion<br>
She has extensive experience in open water swimming. Carole is skilled at<br>
helping to identify weak points in the swim form of athletes and helping to<br>
assess what is needed for improvement. She is regarded as one of the finest<br>
swim technicians in the Southeast.<br>
Her website: <a href="http://www.carole-sharpless" target="_blank">www.carole-sharpless</a>. com<br><br><br><br><br>
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If you pay her enough, I bet she'll travel! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Or, you can come visit us in ATL and shack up w/us hawt people.<br><br>
She does clinics once a month or so.
Bumping for anyone who might be interested! <img alt="banana.gif" src="">
That sounds like I'm gonna take everyone out on a date or something.<br><br>
I volunteer Dave to pay! He's nice like that!
You gonna eat dessert this time?
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NO!
For IMFL the longest swim I did was 5000 for a 4200 race. I think it gave me the confidence to go the distance!
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