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Coach Carole is Doing Another Swim Clinic-ATLANTA

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<span style="color:#800080;"><b>Hey-and yay for CC's swim clinics! I'm already getting faster. Sheldon is contemplating shaving his body to keep up with me at GCT.</b></span><br><br><span style="color:#800080;"><b>Shizzle. He's wearing a wetsuit! A few of us Kicksters have been to her clinic and learned a lot! Stitcher no longer swims backwards and Dave is smooooooooooooth!</b></span><br><br><span style="color:#800080;"><b>Here's the info!</b></span><br><br>
Is SWIMMING the weakest part of Triathlon for you? Let us help!<br>
Swim Clinic on Sunday, February 17<br>
8 people cap at clinic<br>
Two clinic options:<br>
1) 10:00-1:00p<br>
2) 3:00pm - 6:00pm<br>
Location: Marist High School Pool<br>
Cost: $100<br><br>
This clinic will include extensive pool time. Each swimmer will be individually<br>
video taped with analysis from both Tim and Carole. Each swimmer with be assigned<br>
drills based on their limiters and worked with as to how to apply the drills to<br>
their stroke. Tim and Carole will also talk about what to do from that point moving<br>
forward in terms of suggestions for swim training based on the goals of the<br>
Tim Storsteen:<br>
Former All American, full scholarship for swimming to Clemson University.<br>
Ten years of coaching experience for USS (united States Swimming), USMS<br>
(United States Masters Swimming), YMCA, and Summer League Swimming. Ceritified ASCA<br>
(American Swim Coaches Association) coach for 8 years. Over 25 years of competitive<br>
swimming through USS, NCAA, USMS, and USAT. Current Masters coach for Westminster<br>
Killer Whales in Atlanta, GA.<br><br>
Carole Sharpless:<br>
Carole is a former All-American, nationally-ranked swimmer. Having turned<br>
Professional in Triathlon in 2004, she is known for her swimming prowess.<br>
Carole is consistently among the top-3 overall women out of the water, and<br>
has placed as a Pro:<br><br>
* 2nd Ironman FL 2006<br>
* 4th Ironman Louisville 2007<br>
* 4th Ironman Lake Placid 2003<br>
* 6th Ironman Florida 2005.<br>
* 2003 Ironman National Champion<br>
She has extensive experience in open water swimming. Carole is skilled at<br>
helping to identify weak points in the swim form of athletes and helping to<br>
assess what is needed for improvement. She is regarded as one of the finest<br>
swim technicians in the Southeast.<br>
Her website: <a href="http://www.carole-sharpless" target="_blank">www.carole-sharpless</a>. com<br><br><br><br><br>
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I wish that I could attend some type of advanced clinic, I seem to get stuck at 27:30 for a 1750 "mile swim". I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, and everyone tells me that my stroke looks good.<br><br>
Going to the pool tonight and planning on 20X100 on 1:45.... sigh.... not looking forward to it<br><br>
It's more about how fast I am in comparison to other AG swimmers in open water swims. All I know is that I have plateaued at this pace for the past 2 years, and I'm barely above the 50th percentile.<br><br>
So I set my mark at the 1750 a couple years ago, and measure my current ability against that.<br><br>
This was my one open water race that I did in the ocean last year, Time 32:31 UGH! Conditions were pretty tough but everyone had the same conditions to swim in.<br><br>
ACK!!! I had to remove the table because it did not display correctly<br><br><br>
Compared to triathletes I'm faster than being compared to swimmers, I finished 21 out of 133 in my AG at the only tri that I did last year. That was a 26:44 1500M down the Schuylkill wich did not have much of a current the day of the race. Tne fastest guy in my AG still beat me by 6 mins.
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Thanks for the input. I do not think that I will doing any tri's this season. Still issues with my calf. So I'm going to concentrate on open water swims on the Southern Jersey shore this season. Most of those races are 1 mile, but there is a 2.6 mile in Great Egg harbor that I have been wanting to do.<br><br>
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