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Coach Bubba's Heart and Sole 20K Race Report

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It was a great day for a race 44F and overcast in Raleigh, NC.<br>
Coach Bubba's Heart and Sole 20K race is put on by the Godiva Tracck Club:<br><br><i>Godiva Track Club established this event to honor Bruce Koenig, affectionately known as Coach Bubba, and his contributions to the running community. Bruce was a dedicated and spirited running coach who died unexpectedly while leading a group run. With his wife, Anne Marie Mulhern, Bruce started the area's first marathon training class as well as Carolina Godiva's "Running Start" program for those just beginning to run. He was an inspiration to many.</i><br><br>
This year the event was also designated a North Carolina State Championship 20K. So I expected a FAST field! I am in the middle of training for Boston with 60+ MPW's and a recent issue with some foot and knee soreness. Ths week I stepped back a bit and the foot and knee issues were totally gone by Friday (whew). I always dread these races but LOVE when they are over because I push this distance hard the whole way and it HURTS <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> ) The first half basically winds through a pretty old neighborhood (Forest <b><i>Hills</i></b>)... say no more (see elevation profile). Then by mile 6 it goes onto the Rails-To-Trails called the American Tobacco Trail (ATT). Tory and I have run that portion of the trail many times so it was very familar which was helpful.<br><br>
Goals: I Hoped to maintain a PBJ Special (7:30 pace) the whole way and finish in 1:33:00 which, based on last year's times would place me in my new AG M55-59 which I entered a week ago.<br><br>
At 8:33 we were off on a down hill start which progressed to the rolling hills, some challenging. I kept track of the mile splits but went by feel not pushing super hard but still intense. Here's how it went:<br><br>
First 10K: 47:09<br>
Second 10K: 47:10<br><br>
Mile1: 7:29 [AHR 176]<br>
Mile 2: 7:26 [173]<br>
Mile 3: 7:38 [171]<br>
Mile 4+5: 15:20 (7:40) [167]<br>
Mile 6: 7:37 [167]<br>
Mile 7: 7:28 [168]<br>
Mile 8: 7:43 [168]<br>
Mile 9: 7:46 [166]<br>
Mile 10: 7:21 [165]<br>
Mile 11: 7:40 [166]<br>
Mile 12: 7:40 [166]<br>
Mile 12.4: 3:05 (7:10) [179, max 192!]<br><br>
I was able to manage a good kick last .4 miles!<br><b>Final: 1:34:16 (7:36 pace, AHR 169)</b><br><br><b>1st M55-59 AG</b> (out of 13)! 70.1% WAVA 2006 Age Grade Ranking!!<br>
105/456 OA... lots of young runners!<br>
PR for 20K (1st 20K <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">), PR Age Grade, great workout, nothing injured!<br>
Even won a drawing for sweets at a pastry shop... yum, yum.<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br><br>
Thanks for reading!
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Hey perch, nice racing. You must be in pretty good shape to run over those hills almost without slowing your pace.<br><br>
Congratulations on the AG win and the strong age-graded ranking!<br><br>
This makes you NC state champion, right? <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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