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Cincinnati Runners- In here!

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I'll be up in Cinci (NE of the city - exit 19, off 71) the week after next (1/28-2/1) for work. Any good areas to run early in the morning. I prefer areas with other runners as I'll be out early while its still dark. Unfortunately I won't be able to get out during the day and likely not after work.
Thanks Chris! I hadn't logged in all week until now as it was one of those trips where I only had a couple of hrs a day off that i used for sleep.<br><br>
Anyway, I'm up in that area every couple of months anyway and will check back in then. I think the Loveland Trail is the one I had run on before. Kings Mill is just 2 exits and 10 min. up from the hotel I stay at. Just not really anyone out there in the dark AM the few times I've been. There are probably more there in the afternoons, I guess. As we get into daylight savings there'll be light in the early evenings.<br><br>
It'll be close to 60 here in GA this afternoon - glad to get back to the warmth. Cinci was just too cold this past week.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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